There are multiple types of weaponry available for you to defeat aliens as well as other players. Each weapon is random with randomised stats, though they will always scale to your level. (Gun descriptions below may sometimes not be true in your case, as the stats are randomised for every gun.)

Fighting styles and stats vary for each six types of weapons;

  • Assault Rifle
  • Battle Rifle
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Point Cannon

Assault Rifle: Edit

Most of the time the least-damaging of all weapon types, with an incredibly high fire rate. It's accuracy is not the best, which means it requires short, controlled bursts.

Battle Rifle Edit

Battle rifles are slightly similar to assault rifles, but exchange fire rate for increased accuracy and increased impact. On the down side, they usually render low magazine size and sometimes low handling.

Pump Shotgun Edit

The pump shotgun specialises in close-quarter-combat because of its low accuracy and high spread. They hit hard up-front, but prove themselves to be near-useless at range. They are, however, usually more precise than auto shotguns.

Auto Shotgun Edit

Auto shotguns work the same way as pump shotguns, except for their automatic fire. Due to this they are sometimes slightly less accurate.

Sniper Rifle Edit

The sniper rifle's main focus is its incredible accuracy and high impact. In contrast, it most often has a low magazine capacity, low handling and a slower rate of fire compared to most guns. It has the longest range of all gun types, and tends to be the weapon of choice for a large amount of players.

Point Cannon Edit

Point cannon deals incredible amounts of damage but are generally inferior in most other categories. They are only able to carry one shot in a magazine at a time. This causes the user to be potentially vulnerable during shots. They don't require a long amount of time to charge up, before releasing a beam of energy capable of hitting more than one target.