Every time the player levels up, they are given a choice of permanent power-ups or abilities to choose from, which are called Perks.

These help you in your adventure and are very highly recommended to use. There are currently 12 of those. These are:

  • Damage: Increases the amount of damage dealt from guns.
  • Defense: Increases your total amount of health.
  • Luck: Increases the chance of finding more and rarer guns.
  • Speed: Increases your sprinting speed.
  • Craftsman: Unlocks more possible weapon upgrades.
  • Research: Makes it much more likely to find higher tier guns.
  • Better pick: Allows more ores to be collected at a time.
  • Big hands: Decreases the amount of time it takes to collect ores, treasure, or chests.
  • Well known: Increases the amount of reputation gained from capturing planets.
  • Magnet: Increases the total amount of Cr gained from aliens and treasure.
  • Hard to find: Reduces the amount of time police chases you after commiting* a crime.
  • Hyper efficiency: Increases the recharge rate of hyperspeed.

*The word is misspelled, but it is like that in the game.